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However, I remember some warrior hero claiming a basic truth: a courageous soldier knows what is fear and beats it, limiting risks; someone who does not know what is fear (i.e., never worried) is not courageous, he is irresponsible.If that doesn't sound like something you are interested in. There is a lot of gray area between non-pros and pros in Medellin.Yakuza is behind a mirrored glass door, just left of the Hotel Deseos, I think a love hotel so you could take the girl there.

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If you put in the time and effort you can find young extremely attractive chicks that will fuck you (or even live with you) for very little, which saves you the time and effort of lying to them about their long term prospects. The gray area with the semi-pros sounds like a good option.

Not ready for that marriage / house business again just yet!

Which I recommend as the room I used there, the one right off the lobby was not very nice.

It did get 1st Place in the Creepy Shack motif division though. Yakuza-Carrera-50 a # 53-38 -basically behind the Hotel Nutribara which is right across from Botero Plaza-if the cab driver acts stupid tell him the block where the buses to the airport park.

Send me a PM, letting me know when you'll be in town.

Then, if you want, I can take you around to check out these clubs and get your tree trimmed for about 70-90 k. I was hoping some of you guys could recommend some good night time casa options. I know energy is open till 9 pm (though does that mean walk in before 9 or finish before 9?

I feel more "worried" walking around el centro Medellin than el centro Caracas.

Medellin has FAR more thuggy gangmember looking characters than Caracas.

(and a bonus picture of Energy which can be hard for some cabbies).

Mr E has explained it, about being worried and/or vigilant.

Just north of El Poblado is San Diego which has Fase II strip club. Strip clubs in Colombia will either have rooms on the premise or a love hotel next door to fuck the chica in.

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