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Erotic hypnosis MP3 will let you experience all of this and more. Once you have acquired one of my audio erotic hypnosis MP3 recordings or videos, all you need to do is lie back, relax and listen.

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But then, little by little, the seductive power of her voice will draw you down and down into a fantastic state of total relaxation.

When you think that you have reached the deepest level, she confounds all your expectations by taking you even deeper.

For it is through the sensual interaction of her erotic hypnosis MP3 words and your imagination, that most potent of sexual organs, that she is able to raise a storm of earth-shaking intensity within you.

She may set the scene with the first few words at the start of the erotic hypnosis MP3, giving you a tantalising taste of what is to follow.

Have you ever fantasized about being under the spell of a beautiful but strict Mistress?

Seduced and captivated by a cultured woman, hypnotized to submission. Places where you can truly discover who you really are and want to be. I am Madam Raison Detre, a highly professional and trained hypnotherapist, and I am more than capable of taking you to worlds you have only dreamed of, where your erotic hypnosis MP3 fantasies can be explored, developed even further and fulfilled.

Whichever erotic hypnosis MP3 you have decided to listen to, her power over you will be complete.

Then as you bathe in the calm waters of her erotic hypnosis MP3, Madam Raisin Detre begins to probe deeper than you could imagine within your subconscious. And it is that knowledge expressed through the power of her erotic hypnosis MP3s which enables her to bring your submissive desires and fantasies fully to life.

These too may be purchased, and you may find yourself watching my lips become ever redder over and over again, closely. I also offer photographs of high quality, taken by one of the world’s leading photographers, of the many erotic, exotic, commanding, seductive and playful personalities of a truly irresistible and supremely sexy erotic hypnosis MP3 mistress.

Will you become one more devoted follower and worshiper of such a perfect being? I send all physical items bought from my store in discreet brown envelopes marked “Private & Confidential”. When Madam Raison Detre takes your hand and leads you calmly, gently on the first stage of your hypnotic journey with her, you will have little sense of the incredible delights which lie immediately ahead as you listen, relaxing to her erotic hypnosis MP3.

Transported to a realm filled with all kinds of hedonistic erotic hypnosis MP3 debauchery: forced feminization hypnosis, slave hypnosis, sissy hypnosis, chastity hypnosis, and so much more.

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