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Josh’s story here is based on extensive interviews with him and his wife.Major points have been corroborated by family members.) Josh says he never considered denying the abuse.

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Now, if his "Ninja Sword" is a nick name for something a little more personal, you should be willing to let it slide as long as it lives up to the hype!

Is it OK that once, in college, I did that thing that cannot be mentioned? HOWEVER, under NO circumstances should if be brought out in public, especially to members of the opposite sex.

(Any sexual assault against a child under 14 is considered aggravated.) In error, though, his DPS page also lists his youngest sister, age 6, as a second victim.

Josh and his mother say Child Protective Services listed the second child on its original complaint, but the judge found the allegation lacked merit and struck it out.

He moved here from North Carolina, where he was adjudicated for “indecent liberties between children.” He’ll be on the list until 2021.

Josh admitted what had happened with his younger sister from the beginning and was adjudicated for one count of aggravated sexual assault.

He estimates that he’s applied for 250 positions since January, when the checks from his job at a Christmas tree lot started to bounce.

He stays upbeat, though finding work is harder for him than for other people.

Nothing says "I'm a laugh a minute" like preparing for death!

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