Validating credit card number length

The details of missing PANs (extent it can be collected from the deductees) may be furnished within seven days of the date of Provisional Receipt to TIN- FC.

The process of linking the deductions entered in Deduction details to the challans entered in Challan details is called Challan and Deduction Link.

Prior to 2004-05 Financial Year, it was required only for the purpose of TDS/TCS certificate generation, where the linking was reflected.

The annual statement will be issued for all tax deducted and tax collected at source from F.

Y 2005-06 onwards after the expiry of the financial year u/s 203AA. According to this, The PAN wise ledger account will be created after matching the information in the TDS/TCS returns filed by the deductor/ collector and the details of tax deposited in banks coming through OLTAS.

In Saral TDS If the deductor status is selected as Government, then a option to select Transfer Voucher will be available (on RHS) in Challan Details screen, where user should enter Transfer Voucher Number and Date. FVU file through SAM and generate an acknowledgement receipt on the Form 27A furnished.

The other fields Cheque details and Bank Code is optional in this case. FVU file is to be copied to a Floppy/CD and should be enclosed with a covering Letter (Form 27A) duly signed by the responsible person. Section 206A of IT Act (Amended) mandates that any banking company or co-operative society or public company responsible for paying to residents any income by way of interest not exceeding five thousand rupees without deduction of tax, shall file quarterly returns.The detailed addresses of TIN FCs throughout India are available at e-Return is a process where the data which was submitted through paper returns in the earlier procedure, is converted to a specified (by NSDL) Text format in the 1st Level (Deductor/Collector) itself.Further, while submitting Form 24Q for the last quarter, the deductor should include particulars of that employee in Annexure II & III irrespective of the fact that the employee was not under his employment on the last day of the year.Note that in this case Deductions and Challan amount may not be there for that employee in last quarter.[I.e.: Only amount of payment as per Pay slip, TDS deducted with respective rates and the challan remittance details].

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