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By default, Office 365 Pro Plus looks on the Internet for updates, but you can configure the update location.If there's a difference between the two versions, the update process determines which files are different and need to be updated on the local computer.Chrome actually updates itself whenever it's running, and you can also check manually for updates under the "About Chrome" menu.

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This updated version contains all the updates for that month, in addition to all updates from previous months.

Each updated version of Office 365 Pro Plus is available on the Internet for 12 months.

For example, if you have the March version of Office 365 Pro Plus installed, and you're updating to the July version, it's likely that more files are different between those two versions, than if you're updating from the June to the July version. Note Starting in July 2014, the update process automatically uses a technology called binary delta compression to help reduce the size of the files downloaded even more.

But, this technology is only used if you're updating from the most recent version of Office 365 Pro Plus.

Updates can't be applied if the Office program that has to be updated is being used by the user.

If this is the case, the task tries to apply the updates the next time that the scheduled task runs.

After that, the next step — downloading the updates — starts.

Only the files that are different are copied down to a Download folder on the local computer, and they're downloaded in a compressed form. The size of the download depends on several factors, such as how many security and other updates are released in a given month, and which version of Office 365 Pro Plus you're updating from.

Users are given notifications leading up to the deadline.

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