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Remove it to liberate the female body from masculine properties. Type IV FGM encompasses all other forms of mutilation, sometimes in conjunction with Types I, II, or III.

Type III is infibulation with excision, or pharaonic circumcision.

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In spite of the extensive degree of surgical alteration the procedure involves, FGM is rarely conducted in a legally recognized, sterile medical facility.

Indeed, it is outlawed in many of the countries where it is a common practice.

Female genital mutilation, or FGM, is a broad term that encompasses every form of surgical excision of female genitalia for reasons other than medical necessity, ranging in severity from partial removal of the clitoris to full excision of the vulva and sewing the raw edges together so that nothing remains except a small opening that, hopefully, allows passage of urine and menstrual flow.

Some variations involve cauterization, piercing, scraping, and ripping the vagina.

Wounds are closed with thorns or the intestines of cats or lambs. Female genital mutilation today is closely associated with the Islamic faith but there is historic evidence of it in both Christianity and Judaism, too. The earliest known documentation of the practice dates to 163 BC, when a description of the Egyptian procedure was written in Greek on papyrus.

From this document, historians believe FGM was common in the Nile Valley during the time of the Pharaohs.

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Instead of clean surgical instruments, cutters often use broken glass, blunt knives, razors, scissors, or tin can lids instead.

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