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Seeing all these other complaints from others, we really regret renting from Budget.Reply I received terrible service from start-to-finish when I rented a car from Budget at the Orlando airport.

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I saw every kind of shuttle buses for other car rentals but not for Budget. He just went right on by even though I was waving for him to stop.

Another kind driver from another company took me to Budget. Had to wait 20-30 minutes and the man who waited on me was nice.

We contacted customer service, they said they did not find any information of an early return (or rather on time), we disputed the charge on credit card and after providing all the documents and evidence that obviously proves our car was not properly checked back in by Budget, our credit card company told us that Budget was not honoring the chargeback.

We will now escalate the issue for further investigation with Budget and may take legal action if necessary to recover the loss.

My bill was suppose to be less than $100 and after she charged me for two extra days and added extra insurance and other coverages the bill came to $613. My daughter talked to her and she told me that lady has a problem.

I have communicated with 4 different employees in Budgets office and they said Becky did nothing wrong. I am sure I am not the only one this lady has cheated.

Tagged as: budget corporate address, budget corporate headquarters, budget corporate office, budget corporate office address, budget corporate office email, budget corporate office fax, budget corporate office phone, budget corporate office phone number, budget headquarters, budget home office, budget main office I am amazed at the comments I am seeing on this corp website.

If I was the CEO I would be doing some investigation into the organization.

very sad to have someone work for you that treats customers this way. 8th, 2017, I proceeded to rent a car on line since it seemed cheaper and more convenient.

I entered my card number, however, they rejected my request in the amount of 0.29. I check my bank statement the next day & they withdrew 2 transactions for 0.29!!!

Sunday morning I took the car to the airport and dropped the key in a slot on top of the desk which I assumed was for the key. The drop box was on the other side of a file which holds budget pamplets.

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