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Kuvaldina said local families in need are not being ignored.

"Last year, we bought refrigerators and washing machines for several families," she noted.

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"Germany does a lot to ensure that people are taken care of materially," Martens explained.

"But in a spiritual sense, Germany is poor." He made reference to a recent ruling by Germany's top court that birth certificates must give the option of registering a gender that is neither male nor female.

At the time, he found out he would also get a dacha, a traditional Russian cottage, in the mountains.

Poluboyarenko said that local officials and businessmen were eager to prove that "Russia is not pathetic, not filled with drunks, and that we have decent living conditions." The shelves in the pantry are stocked with canned fruits, milk, vegetables, sacks of potatoes and flour, and even "salo," or cured fatback, a Slavic delicacy.

"And this is taught to our children, and I do not agree with this. Here, emphasis is placed on family values and the birth of children." Martens and Louisa were both born in Siberia's Omsk region and were among hundreds of thousands of ethnic Germans who emigrated from the former Soviet Union to Germany in the 1990s.

I believe that such a course leads to the destruction of the country," he said. A Warm Welcome Martens and his family struggled to adjust to the harsh conditions in Siberia.

A wood-burning stove was all they had to heat their spartanly furnished home.

The family can't complain about the conditions they've been offered this time, however.

"I live with my wife and daughter in a smaller house on a neighboring plot," Poluboyarenko was quoted as saying by RFE/RL's Russian Service. I transferred it to the Stavropol regional government exclusively for social purposes, for helping refugees arriving in the region.

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