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Credits are fubar’s more premium currency that can be purchased with credit cards, paypal or over mobile devices.

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You don't need to have Yellow as your name if you are top level, you can choose your favorite color to represent your name.

Customizing your profile can be done in your Settings.

Points also help your Ranking; the more points you have in comparison to everyone else on the site, the higher your ranking!

babyjesus does not reveal how many points you receive for what action, but you receive points for nearly everything you do to interact on fubar runs on fubucks, the common virtual currency which allows you to buy drinks for friends, play games and boost other members' experience on the site.

Achievements are earned by completing interactions on the site.

Your Achievements are noted on your account and available for your review at any time on your Achievements page. facebook, twitter, myspace and anyone in your contacts. You can also copy and paste the embed code into your About Me section or any section in your Settings.

Leveling Up unlocks Abilities that help you through the Levels.

The further along you are in the Leveling process the more Abilities you will Unlock that will help you and your friends Level and gain ranking.

The different colored names signify your status on the site. You can now set the priority of your color in your Settings.

Once the leaderboards roll over, you will get the name color on your profile of the highest ranked you are eligible for.

The new pokes are: *Pokefubar makes it easy to meet people with similar interest in your area by using our SEARCH feature.

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