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I feel drab, dowdy and awed by their outrageous beauty, only my secret sexuality singling me out as part of their deviant world. 'Maybe you should take them into the rest-room and show them just how slutty you can be? Go suck them off.' I can't believe what I'm hearing. Once through the door, there are a random guys at the urinals, a couple of drag-queens bitching and touching up each others make-up in the mirror, and two empty cubicles.

When he gets to talking with a rough looking couple of guys, maybe construction workers from a nearby site. The conversation resumes, although every now and then one of the two strangers glances across at me. He's barely known these two guys for twenty minutes. I'm sure one of the queens watches in a knowing way as they shove me inside the nearest one, pushing me down into a sitting position on the podium, and stand facing me. There's foul graffiti scrawled on the walls, a glory-hole hacked into the partition, and an unpleasant odour.

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He's obviously been sucked-off by faggots before, he knows what he's doing. After a few moments he draws back and his friend thrusts his cock into my mouth. They're big - and yet mercifully not as big as my boyfriend, it's only the cramped space and the roughness of their assault that makes it more extreme.

And I can't betray my Boyfriend by not carrying out his wishes. For a while they alternate, fucking my mouth in turn, laughing and grunting in a way that must surely be audible outside.

He started a conversation with me and in short, I told him my story. That Tuesday I prepared a nice dinner and tried not to think in an erotic way of the pastor. The door rang, I opened, and there he stood, in a nice suit & tie. We had dinner, after dinner we sat down on my couch, he took off his tie, I told him all my problems, and that I felt so ashamed to like men so much. When he finished we still were in an intimate position, his arm around me, and his lips close to my face. I thanked him and he looked into my eyes and told me that I was a beautiful person. By having said that he gently kissed me on my mouth. I started to open my mouth and felt his man-tongue entering me. I felt his muscled arms, his pecs that turned out to be very hairy too. His hand went under my shirt he adored my soft hairless skin. My hand went down his belly and went further to meet his enormous cock. I squeezed his manhood through his pants and he groaned with pleasure.

I started getting a bit emotional and the Garry asked me if I would like to talk a bit more during the week. We French kissed for a while and I tried to suck the saliva out of his mouth, I adored his juices already. I opened his zipper and took out his rock-hard circumcised meat.

After a wile of sucking him and he fingering me, I had to stop to prevent coming. He slid from the couch to the ground on his knees between my legs.

He took of my shirt and started to suck on my nipples, these are extremely sensitive. His naked muscled and hairy torso was pressing against my smooth slim body.

A small-town boy, a runaway lost in the city, with only my older Gentleman friend to guide and educate me in the ways of sexual deviance, my patron, tutor and confidante.

It is to him that I owe my awareness that an obedient and well-trained submissive should serve his master without question.

And, despite myself, I'm getting undeniably turned on by now, drooling and sucking more enthusiastically, without restrain. There are voices from outside, they must hear what's happening, my humiliation, my debauchment by these two aggressive strangers?

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