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Patients with a diagnosis of spinal cord injury were recruited by a referral from the nursing and medical staff in the palliative care ward in a major teaching hospital in Trivandrum, Kerala.A purposive sample of seven male participants was developed in order to permit a rich and in-depth understanding of the research questions and to represent a variety of experiences associated with sexual functioning before and after the injury.

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Married men in Kerala are expected (by society) to work hard and make major family decisions.

But family roles change following spinal cord injury, and this affects income, male identity, and the capacity to have offspring.

This was now lost causing anxiety, distress, and sadness.

A huge gap existed between sexual desire and physical capability.

The most common cause of spinal injury in Kerala is fall from a coconut tree, which can be as high as 80 feet.

Loss of sexual functioning is known to rank as a very high priority for these young and middle-aged men.

Keywords: Indian men, Qualitative research, Sexuality, Spinal cord injury, Views and attitudes How to cite this article: Sunilkumar M M, Boston P, Rajagopal M.

Views and attitudes towards sexual functioning in men living with spinal cord injury in Kerala, south India.

While several self-evolved coping strategies were identified, support from palliative care services was not evident.

Two important gaps exist in research and practice: (1) Attention to sexual issues and whole-person care. Future qualitative studies on sexual dysfunction could provide a useful adjunct to current literature which is predominantly biomedical in its approach.

Hence, patients with spinal cord injury with sustained paraplegia are cared for within the services of palliative care rather than specialized centers for spinal cord injury.

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