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Use caution when signing up on a social networking service Consider carefully the “questions” that sites themselves ask users to complete in the registration process.

Understand what is required information, and what is optional.

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Spam and other malware on social networks Advertisers understand the value of blogs.

Legitimate advertisers pay to have their ads posted on the sites; disreputable advertisers often create fake user profiles and blog sites for their marketing campaigns.

Overview of collaborative and social networking There are several types of sites where people collaborate or communicate socially.

The following definitions may be useful: Millions of people of all ages have tried Internet dating services as a way to meet new friends and possibly find a lifelong partner.

These run the gamut of legal to entirely illegal ‘offers’.

Called splogs (spam blog) these blogs used for selling are an annoying and potentially harmful form of spam.These sites are likely to include hosting blogs, photo and video albums, classified ads, forums, email, instant messaging, and entertainment.Though teens make up a huge percentage of social networkers, millions of adults and seniors are also active on social networking sites.It is often very difficult to remove information from sites if you later regret the amount of information you have shared.It’s best to be conservative in the information you share during sign up process; you can always add more later.It's a great way to get acquainted with people you would never have met otherwise.

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