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If, on the other hand, you are looking at the sexual event as a positive turning point in your relationship, then there are some ways to increase your statistical probability that you two lovebirds will be together in the future.

Researcher Dean Busby at BYU has researched tons of couples who commit before getting involved in a sexual relationship and those who do the exact opposite.

They think they can get whatever they want, whenever they want." Successful men who are used to getting what they want have a sense of entitlement.

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Lauren hung out with my friend Bill for a bit, but he lives in a different town. Women who give in to pressure for sex have problems of their own, but another reason it's a shame is that it shows guys that they will get what they want at least some of the time.

She said she'd gladly date him if he was around because he never pressured her for sex. Every "reward" a guy gets with his pressuring strengthens his case to apply pressure to women. My guy friend who was part of our discussion said: "It's just guys in New York City.

The first thing to ask yourself is what outcome are you expecting from the sexual encounter?

If your goal is nothing more than an earth-shattering orgasm, then strap on a condom (yes, even during foreplay if you want true protection) and enjoy yourself.

Over the weekend my friend Lauren shared a few frustrating stories about guys.

She told me about a guy who, three dates into their courtship, began pressuring her to have sex with him. For some reason, we all revel in the fact that we fail the majority of time with women, take it with a grain of salt, and enjoy the ride.

So, my friend directed the question to me: How long do you wait (in terms of number of dates) before you start thinking seriously about sex? But I thought about that number.....I decided that I wouldn't expect sex, or think about it, for three months.

And that would be three months with an average of 8-10 dates per month, making a grand total of 24-30 dates.

If you're thinking of the relationship as a fling, you might think about it earlier on.

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