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In May last year, more than 1,500 people in Hong Kong registered to take part in If You Are The One, the Chinese version of the British TV dating show Take me Out.The turnout was greater than any other Chinese city.REMARKS: The following tickets will be excluded from above policy 1-5: Tickets purchased directly from authorized agents, sale office and online at travel originated from Japan.

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As customers have become more discerning, dating agencies have had to expand their services from merely searching a database for a potential match and booking a table for two.

Most premium packages now include not only creating a photo profile, but also coaching for clients on how to behave on a date, and tips on personal grooming.

Connie Yung has run Date and Match Consultancy for seven years.

She said less than a third of her female clients in 2011 were in the middle- to high-income bracket, earning HK$30,000 (£2,500) a month or more. These figures, and other anecdotal evidence, have shown that more career women in Hong Kong have been seeking help from professional matchmakers to find a mate, or even just a companion. She signed up to a “premium package” with Rachael and Smith Matchmakers, and described the service as similar to that of a corporate headhunter.

Some companies also offer a relatively cheaper, “passive” membership, which means the person can only go on a date when selected by another client.

“I tell my clients, ‘Don’t worry, the service is much cheaper than that Chanel bag you’re going to buy’,” Ms Chan said jokingly.“Finding a partner is like searching for a needle in a haystack.” Of course, it is not only high-earning women who have anxiety about being “left over”, the translation of the Chinese term used for unmarried people.Hong Kong’s 2011 Census showed 46.8 per cent of the male population aged 20 to 49, and 38.9 per cent or women in the same age range have never tied the knot.Ms Yung at Date and Match said another change to her clientele was the age.In 2008, she said, her company had no women under 30 on the books.Miss Lee’s date had already met someone else and was talking about a serious relationship.

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