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Christy’s arm goes around me to hold my cock as I keep washing between her legs Mike, please put that big cock inside me I step back, bend her forward, and with one movement slide my cock deep inside her juicy pussy, my hands on each hip as I bury my 8 inches deep.

Oh, fuck yes, Christy screams as she pushes back hard against me.

Oh my god your pussy is so hot It’s on fire for you Christy starts to pinch and pull her nipples. Christy says, Yes Mike, deeper please, hit bottom I want to drown your cock in my cum I’m trying to hold on as her movements get wilder. You are hitting every inch inside me, I am going to cum Mike She turns her head to me, we kiss deeply, I grab her breast, as her pussy starts to spasm and fill with her cum.

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Christy says, “it feels like electricity shooting through my body” I stopped for a second.

Mike please bite it and suck it hard I say, Christy I want you to squirt your juices all over my mustache And then I’m back to licking and sucking Christy says, please Mike, use your fingers I slide a finger into her ass and other into her pussy as I continue to lick and suck and bite her clit gently.

You are certainly quite fit yourself.” “Thanks, Christy.” We got to her house, walked through the side gate, left the stroller and bike there, and walked into the house. Oh my god, I can’t wait until I can wash those for you Mike, this may gross you out but I want to taste the sweat on your balls. Later please, let’s shower, I want you in the shower Here is my body wash, would you do me the honor of washing my tits?

Christy turn to me, “Help yourself to the tea in the refrigerator, while I put the baby down and the glasses are in the cupboard to the right.” “Do you mind me freshening up in the bathroom? Christy responded, “Hey Mike, do you mind if I take a quick shower, I am quite sweaty myself.” “Well, we are on water restrictions, do you like to shower with a friend? I had those installed just for my height, they shoot right between my legs Let me help you with those shorts Mike, you look very uncomfortable, they are tight. Oh yes I poured some of the coconut shower gel into the palm of one hand, rub my hands together then gently place them on her tits.

Smiling, “I wish, but no, she doesn’t seem interested anymore, do you happen to have some ice tea at home?

” “I do and the baby is ready for a nap, shall we go to my place and get you something refreshing?

The dominant attitude toward our bodies and thus ourselves is not only wrong, and disrespectful, but it is harmful to our self image, confidence, and healthy social interaction.

Those three aspects are most often referred to as improvements and pluses in their lives by individuals after becoming involved in the nudist lifestyle.

” “Sure my shower is big enough for two, come with me now, I can help you out of those tight shorts.” Two minutes later, we were standing in her bathroom. “She is sleeping soundly.” “Nicely done grandma.” “Thank you, I was inspired. ” “64, but young at heart, mind, and body.” “I am 44, I started early. Christy you look great for a 30 year-old, let alone 44. Gently rubbing, in circles, playing with her nipples.

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