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Tech Crunch was the first to report Facebook was building peer-to-peer payments into Messenger back in October when we attained hacked screenshots dug out of Messenger’s code by developer Andrew Aude.

Since then, I’ve heard from several sources that Facebook was doing intense internal testing of the feature.

Pay Pal gave a statement (emphasis mine) saying: When I asked a Pay Pal spokesperson if the company views Facebook Messenger payments as a “competitor,” they carefully avoided that word but eventually admitted “it does have similar technology and does a similar thing to what Venmo does.” While Venmo makes transfers with most debit cards free, Facebook’s free service will undercut Pay Pal’s 2.9 percent plus $0.30 fee per transaction from debit cards.

“We’re not building a payments business here,” Facebook’s product manager on the feature Steve Davis tells me.

He did note that it was well in the works when the company poached Pay Pal president David Marcus to run its Messenger division.

“We wanted to test this and make sure we had really hit a high bar because money is extremely important.” Now its payments in Messenger is ready for a gradual public rollout stateside. Once users get the feature, they’ll see a “$” button in the Messenger message composer next to the options to send a photo or sticker.

In the meantime, Facebook worked with Pay Pal, Braintree and Stripe to power auto-fill of billing details for e-commerce checkouts, and built a Buy button for making purchases from the News Feed.

Davis says the product evolved from a different initial incarnation but was cagey about exactly how long Facebook has been working on the feature.

Facebook decided against allowing credit cards because they would entail fees and it didn’t want users to get charged if they didn’t understand.

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