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READ MORE: A Woman’s Guide on How to Separate Love From Lust When you’re ending a casual relationship, don’t point the finger at anyone or anything.

So to show your respect for the other person, make sure you break up in person, not over text or call.

As Independent says, “If you have had an intimate relationship with someone, have the courage and respect for the other person to at least tell them face to face.” In addition, don’t forget to start your conversation with an apology.

Although it may be hard to say the words, sometimes an apology shows the other person that you have considered his or her feelings.

Instead of placing all the blame on the other person, you are taking some responsibility for the breakup.

If you were head over heels for a guy and everything seemed to be going great, wouldn’t it suck if he just stopped texting or calling you? So if you lost interest in the person you’re dating, here’s how you should quit the fling properly.

READ MORE: How to Stay Classy After a Breakup: T-Swift Edition The second you know you want to end things, spend a few days reminding the person about the boundaries of your relationship.

Cougar Hangout is a brand new site that is doing a great job at attracting new members and with some time and patience it may even become one of the best.

The first impression upon logging in to Cougar Hangout is that this dating site doesn’t offer anything new to the online dating community. Who needs flashy novelties if everything is working properly?

“Don’t talk about what you think the other person did wrong in the relationship or negatively evaluate their personality.

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