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They will be patched only if the end user has them installed on the system. link above is to the Solaris OS Install Directions for the JDK.If the value of this property is "true", the SUN provider will return a DSA Key Pair Generator object which implements the This legacy implementation will use the same default value as specified by the javadoc in the interface.

If the specified default key size is not a parseable decimal integer, that entry will be ignored as well. The DSA Key Pair Generator implementation of the SUN provider no longer implements Applications which cast the SUN provider's DSA Key Pair Generator object to a

DSAKey Pair Generator can set the system property " DSAKey Pair Generator".

If an SVR4 based upgrade (without uninstalling the old packages) is being done on a JDK release earlier than 6u131, 7u121, 8u111, then you should set the new crypto.policy Security property in the file.

Because the old JCE jurisdiction files are left in , they may not meet the latest security JAR signing standards, which were refreshed in 6u131, 7u121, 8u111, and later updates.

Each entry consists of a case-insensitive algorithm name and the corresponding default key size (in decimal) separated by ":". By default, this property will not have a value, and JDK providers will use their own default values.

Entries containing an unrecognized algorithm name will be ignored.The Default timeouts have changed for FTP URL handler Timeouts used by the FTP URL protocol handler have been changed from infinite to 5 minutes.This will result in an IOException from connect and read operations if the FTP server is unresponsive.An exception similar to the following might be seen if the old files are used: Caused by: Security Exception: Jurisdiction policy files are not signed by trusted signers! Jce Policies(Jce at javax.crypto. Jce Security.setup Jurisdiction Policies(Jce Add support for the SHA224with DSA and SHA256with DSA signature algorithms and DSA keys with sizes up to 2048 bits Support has been added for the SHA224with DSA and SHA256with DSA signature algorithms and for DSA keys with sizes up to 2048 bits.See the notes in the file shipping with this release for more information.

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