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She’ll deal with this in the best way she knows how, and that’s to hold her head up high and to shrug it off.

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“Hi guys – I’ve been off this week which has been lovely.

We’re just getting everything ready for my Halloween party, and I bought two skeletons to greet the guests at the door… “We’re decorating the house with loads of cobwebs and stuff, and I’ve got a lot of treats for everyone. I’m dressing up as a scary clown because I have to be able to take the mask off so I don’t scare my youngest daughter Miley.

“I’ve written a few tracks about my experiences, so I totally get why she’s doing it.

It’s much easier to express yourself through music.

I recently visited a prison and met some male inmates who were playing guitars.

I told them to express themselves through writing songs because it’s a great way to get things out.I’m working so much during the next Summer holidays, the kids are going to be coming with me to all my gigs and stuff, I’ve got a couple of cruise ships booked, so they’ll have lots of little breaks.But I want a holiday away from everything, where I’m not working and it’s just me and the family.“To finish up, I want to talk about Alex Reid and his outrageous claims about Katie Price this week.I know Katie, she’s a friend of mine, and she’s an absolute gem of a girl.“One of the biggest shocks for me was Simon Cowell’s over 25s – I don’t think Bupsi Brown should’ve been picked.

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