Dating a capricorn male

If you're drawn to Capricorn, it's likely that you're also kinda reserved and traditional.

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While dating, he's as unreadable as the Sphinx and just as immovable.

If you're just playing the field, he'll get wise to that, and shy away.

An early good gift is something that shows respect for the private side of his nature.

Like all the earth signs, Capricorn tends to slowly intermingle with you over time.

He's not afraid of a challenge, and will want you to be your best, and have big dreams of success.

He's preoccupied with his life's work, so things flow fresher when you're developing your own talents and have career-sized goals, too.

More than anything, that chemistry factor with the tactile senses, is make or break for going further.

Your presence for him is a feast for the senses if you're lucky.

He wants a solid, enduring love, but one that enhances his career, too.

He wants a smart, accomplished woman that will make him look good in public.

While first dating, stay calm, don't freak out or dissolve into a giggling fit, if you can help it. The key is to be disciplined with your thoughts and humor, to have a measured approach.

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