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Can you think of a particular film/scene that went too far for you? All my fantasies have some degree of realism, but to agree with Yik Yakker, it would have to be excessive blood and gore. Kelley as inspiration for scripts for the new WW show he's doing. That while the female character is in distress with a crotchrope splitting her, the real actress is OK with it. Yik Yakker - is that an elaborate torture device or is she appearing in some vile Brazilian version of "Road Warrior"? When I posted the review of FA 318 which was quite favorable it was exciting that there was a part 2 which was promptly ordered - due to my flawed thought process I made the assumption it would be a continuation of part 1, perhaps in the vein of the "Slave Island" series - but oh nay nay - there is no connection at all - the setting, time period, uniforms, villains and premise make it an utterly different movie and leaves me wondering how it came to be part 2 - and there is not one bit of bondage or torment in it - so if you have an irresistable impulse to watch a bunch of dudes in military uniform holding down and raping a bunch of chicks in military uniform then this is for you - I found it a yawn fest unworthy of review. I have seen in various Yahoo groups images of great brutality, decapitation, vivisection, things that if they were real would lead to the death penalty being imposed, yet these are supposed to be erotic. Sloth: That fa-pro "sequel" you ordered sounds like something more similar to Battlefield Gangbang, which was reviewed by me.

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Fritz: I have to admit I bought this video [Chaos] after reading a description of this scene, but like you, it proved to be too much for me to enjoy.

I edited out the "nipplectomy" and breast-feeding for my personal version. It confirms most of what I imagined this video would be like.

That's probably one of my favorite scenes that Rick ever shot. It seems the cover art for many of the fa-pro movies often looks similar, even if the content of the film is quite different.

But seeing Camille Keaton get her face kicked in during the original I Spit On Your Grave... I means, she was barely moving and the guy is just kicking her over and over. When it comes to their movies, you really have to check the title (if ordering from a site that provides the titles) and take a close look at the pictures on the back cover.

When it turns from torture to gore, I lose interest. Jane wrote me that they discussed JJ's character talking more in this one, but he noticed that she became even more disconcerted by his not talking.

The erotic value disappears for me at the point where the victim is, say, spurting blood from severed arteries. She said she was actually freaked out during the shooting because of this because she really believed this guy was a psycho.

That has been my problem with films such as The Girl Next Door. Chaos gets a pass from me because Kevin Gage ("Chaos") looks so much like Sid Haig, and I could easily see Haig filling this role, that it plays up the fantasy element.

I felt bad for the young woman being tortured, rather than aroused. As I've said before, I tend to prefer movies like the Ginger films, which depict convincing scenes of helplessness but are otherwise phony and silly enough that I'll never have to worry about feeling guilty, or sympathizing with the characters. They're great but when they start nailing the hands and feet they lose me. Well, you all knew I was weird from a long time back, right?

However, : I edited out the "nipplectomy" and breast-feeding for my personal version.

Actually, it wasn't so much the nipplectomy which bothered me (I've watched others, and enjoyed them), but the overall tone of this scene.

Come on, guys, make an effort and Is there a point where a bondage/ torture/ rape scene can lose its entertainment value because it is too realistic? Too brutal, too mean, too bullying, too sadistic, too merciless. As a lightweight or mediumweight gimper, I definitely have limits: things I don't want to see, would be bothered by, repulsed by.

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