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Cultural Events & Festivals Our city's cultural venues and seasonal events provide the perfect backdrop for meeting that special someone.

Volunteer Various non-profits around the city are always looking for a helping hand, and you never know who you'll end up meeting.

SVA brings Atlanta singles together for volunteer work, fun and camaraderie.

Sampling libations can help be an icebreaker when meeting new people.

Classes and Groups Get your fitness on while also opening yourself up to meeting new people. Try salsa dancing at Havana Club, Loca Luna and Tongue & Groove.

Outdoor Fun If you love the great outdoors, use that to your advantage and hit the park or trail.

Singles of all ages hit this trail on foot and by bike, so make sure to check it out next time you want to break a sweat.Let these dating websites do some of the legwork for you, and be sure to regularly update your profile.Top sites chosen by our experts include: How did you two meet?High School Girls | Pure Fashion is a faith-based model training program, guiding young women to become more confident, competent leaders who live the virtues of modesty and purity, that culminates in a community-wide fashion show.With a population nearing six million, Atlanta is a city with many fish in the sea.It is a Friday evening through Sunday afternoon program, with you staying in your own home each night.

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