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He was never scared to take on new challenges and tackled various jobs throughout his life.rn His main forte was his skill at steelwork and building gates, burglar bars and anything steel related.\\\\" The most important aspect of Alan was his soft hearted and generous nature and he was a true gentleman who still believed in opening doors for ladies - a trait not seen very much in this day and age.

"Don't forget: you're here forever," in our hearts. Mom Simmons, Jon, born 24 April 1985, died 26 October 2013 in Hampton, Virginia Our Remembrance Jon Simmons was a great and Awesome friend. Bailey, Sean, born 28 September 1997, died 28 October 2014 in Kingston Upon Hull, United Kingdom Our Remembrance My son Sean took his life away from me ,his dad his sisters nina and beth his brother David and nieces Lilly and millie Blankenship, William Ray, born 06 April 1968, died 21 January 2002 in Buford, Georgia USAOur Remembrance Life without you, all the love you have passed our way, the angels have waited for so long, now they have their way. Heath, Marcus, born 11 December 1982, died 31 January 2000 in Caanan, Vermont Our Remembrance My brother Marc had an infectious smile. He was the type of kids who was always there for people when they needed him. You will be forever in our hearts and in our thoughts. Whitney, Ciara Jolie, born 18 September 2000, died 28 March 2016 in Douglassville, Pennsylvania, USAOur Remembrance Our beautiful 15-year-old daughter was the best blessing that we were so very fortunate to have been given and so unworthy to have received.

Harrison, Bryce Stephen, born 12 January 1989, died 29 September 2004 in Arizona Our Remembrance Bryce, 17 years wasn\'t long enough. He served in war and had a passion for helping, exercising and inspiring our youth. I wish you had let us into your darkness and we could have goded you through. I am trying to be strong like you asked me one time. She graced our lives, and every life she touched, with light, laughter, and love. We know you\'re in Heaven now and we can\'t wait to see you again!

LOVE, YOUR WIFE LAURIEDouglas, Juanita, born 3 December 1949, died 28A Pril 2007 in Tennessee, USAOur Remembrance You were a beloved wife, and a great mother, grandmother, daughter,and sister.

You are missed more and more each and every single day.

Both his parents are deceased ( Jessie and Pat Brown ) rn He went to various schools throughout the world ( as his dad did work contracts in different countries ) Michael House Boarding School in Petermaritzburg and John Orr Technical High School in Johannesburg to name 2 of his main rn He never liked school though and was happier under the bonnet of a car or taking something apart to see how it worked.

There wasn\\\\'t much he couldn\\\\'t fix and was brilliant with his hands.I will always remember that you were there for me whenever I needed you. Christensen, Dale E., born , died 23 June 2010 in Pocatello, Idaho Our Remembrance Lump the Grump.Dad, you left a void in our lives that will never be filled. Wilson, Stan, born 24 January 1957, died 15 April 2003 in Fort Wayne, Indiana, USAOur Remembrance I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU TILL YOU GREET ME IN HEAVEN WITH YOUR WONDERUS SMILE.Edwards, Eugene Hollis, born 31 August 1969, died 29 March 2013 in Mesa, Arizona Our Remembrance Hollis spent his life looking for and calling out the best in everyone he came in contact with.From the floor scrubbers and ditch diggers to the CEOs, Hollis made everyone feel loved and noticed.Tompkins, Lacy Marie, born 21 November 1987, died 15 February 2015 in Jacksboro, Texas Our Remembrance I wish I would have been there for you when you needed me. I love you and think of you often, you are missed more than you know. He lived in many countries throughout the world including India, Zambia, England, New Zealand and of course South Africa.

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