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Capeside Coffee Is this Heidelberg's first taste of speciality coffee?A new venture for Ora alumni Hannah Lancman and Parv Bhullar, it's a ground-floor space with an island bar featuring a La Marzocco espresso machine and a Bonavita filter brewer.Cafe Central first opened its doors in 1918 in Ciudad Juárez, México, electrifying a clientele of gamblers and cabaret-goers who quickly grew to expect the finest culinary experience in the region at this chic night spot.

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Single origin has become single estate, but the real transparency action in coffee is in measuring the social and economic benefits flowing to coffee farming communities from the increased prices paid for direct trade: see Market Lane Coffee's involvement in the KZ Noir Farmer Premium Share Program in Rwanda.

We're also looking out for more small cafes getting in on the roasting action, with the Bureaux Collective roastery about to open in Cremorne, giving the likes of Everyday Coffee, Patricia Coffee Brewers and Assembly access to a high-end roasting set-up that will keep Melbourne at the cutting edge of small batch speciality coffee.

Meanwhile, at newbie Mayday in Richmond the food police were writing infringement notices for diners caught brunching on a s'more chocolate waffle topped with torched marshmallows, cookie parfait, salted caramel and chocolate fudge.

But the breakfast ramen at Mammoth and Hammer & Tong are the hero dishes that could wean us off the sweet morning hits, and we still have kale to help restore regularity (although this leafy green might soon go the way of the semi-dried tomato): a case in point is the apple and kale salad with black pearl barley at East Melbourne's Square & Compass.

East Elevation Monsieur Truffe's chocolate factory is still behind the Lygon Street red door, and food at this rusticated warehouse is still cafe-smart – the black pudding with cavolo nero and poached eggs is a winner.

Some produce is grown on site, the croque monsieur is a tasty monster, the artisan chocolate irresistible, and the locally roasted Padre coffee excellent.

An Oreo cookie is vegan, but it's not plant-based …) and even entire vegan menus have brought us "clean eating" at the likes of Power Plant Cafe (Templestowe), Matcha Mylkbar (St Kilda) and Serotonin Eatery in Richmond.

We are lining up the non-coffee nut-milk lattes in a rainbow of colours and flavours from mushroom-earthy to turmeric-bright, but the real coffee action is not in wellness drinks.

Wide Open Road Probably Melbourne's coolest, hippest or grooviest coffeehouse (you choose).

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